Ladies’ 2 Woods Competition

17.6.18 - This afternoon the ladies played the opening round of the 2 Woods competition. The Ladies' Captain, Maggie writes: 'We had a lovely afternoon and played up to the semi finals. Sabrina beat Betty in a close match 16 - 14, Anne beat Alison in an even closer match 14 - 13. Claire beat Rosalind 18 - 10 ... More

… And That Was That!

Sept 24th - The final day of the season saw the annual One Day Round-Robin Competition. 16 competitors took to the green, playing for the Challoner Cup. Each player was drawn in a group of 4 with games of 6 ends played and group winners advancing to the semi-finals. At the end of the group stages, Alison was the winner of ... More

Aggregate Shield Club-night Final

Sept 20th - This evening the final of the season long club-night aggregate competition took place. Playing for the Aggregate Shield were Sabrina and Barry and what a final it turned out to be. With the final being played over 12 ends, it was Barry who took control leading 10 - 3 at the 6-end half-way mark. Not to be ... More

The Memorial Cup

Sep 16th - This afternoon the Ladies played the Men in the annual club fixture for the Memorial Cup. With both sides experiencing a high number of unavailable players the format was two triples. Mary, Ange and Maggie held Ossie, Barry and Matthew in the first few ends before the Men managed to pull away. The second triple ... More

Semi-final of the Aggregate Shield

Sept 13th - This evening the Semi-final of the Club-night Aggregate Shield saw George (substituting for Sabrina) and Barry, play Christine and Martin (substitute for Pete). In what turned out to be a rather one-sided match, George and Barry were the winners. Sabrina will play Barry in the Final next Wednesday evening. More

Quarter-final of the Club-night Aggregate Shield

Sep 6th - This evening saw the Quarter-finals drawn for the Aggregate Shield, the culmination of the season long Wednesday club-night competition. The top 8 available points scorers went into the hat and the draw saw Pete, Sabrina, Barry and Christine up against Mary, Derek, Neil and Rosalind. With players moving up a ... More

Club Finals – Day 2

Sep 3rd - The second day of Club Finals started on an over-cast morning and ended with the drizzle falling. The first session saw Sabrina beat Maggie 2 - 0 in the 'Joan White Memorial' (Ladies' Sets Competition). In the Club Open Singles Neil beat Barry 2 sets to 0. The second session saw Neil beat Sabrina 79 - 51 in the ... More

Club Finals – Day 1

Sep 2nd - What a great day, both with the weather, the bowling and the support. The first session saw Claire beat Maggie 21 - 17 in a close tussle in the Ladies' Handicap, whilst Pete settled the family battle by beating son Luke 21 - 10 in the club Handicap. The second session saw the Ladies' 2 woods postponed as Ange was ... More

Early Rounds of the Club 2 Wood Competition

Aug 6th - This afternoon the early rounds of the club 2 woods competition were played. In a tight group, Barry emerged as group winner by one shot's difference from Neil, with Sabrina close behind in 3rd place. In the other group Pete came through as winner with George as runner-up and Ange in 3rd place. In the semi-fin... More

Ladies’ Golden Jubilee Round-Robin Competition

July 23rd - This afternoon, whilst dodging the showers, the Ladies played the Golden Jubilee Round-Robin Competition. At the end of the Round Robin format Alison emerged as winner with 9 points (18 shots), closely followed by Mary, 9 points (11 shots). Ange was in 3rd, 8 points (13 shots), followed by Maggie, 8 points (12 ... More