Friendly Triples Match v Croygas

14.5.22 This afternoon we hosted Croygas for the home leg of our friendly Triples match. Anne, Claire T and Richard F were involved in a close game, leading 11 - 10 after 13 ends, before edging away in the final 5 ends to win 17 - 13. Rosalind, Bobbie (making his debut for Wimbledon Park) and Martin, also had a close game ... More

7.9.21 Ladies’ Friendly Away at Heathfield

This afternoon the Ladies were away at Heathfield for their friendly match. Alison, Lesley and Ange found Heathfield in fine form, skipped by their recent County Pairs Runner-Up, coming off second best. Sallie and Anne had a close contest and ended up just three shots behind. A lovely, if somewhat hot, afternoon was ... More

1.8.21 Friendly Away to Croygas

This afternoon we travelled to Croygas for a friendly match. Claire, Rosalind, Bev (from Croygas) and Richard F won 9 of the 18 ends played, but just lost 11 - 15. Sallie, Angela, Roger and Ange won 11 of their 18 ends to secure a 20 - 10 win. Congratulations to Sallie and Angela on making their debut for the club, thank ... More

Ladies Friendly Triples Match v Heathfield

17.8.19 - This afternoon the Ladies welcomed Heathfield Ladies for the return friendly Triples match. Anne, Alison and Rosalind found themselves 3 - 8 down after 6 ends, but 6 ends later had edged ahead 11 - 10 before going on to take the match by 18 shots to 14. Claire, Christine and Ange started strongly and were 8 - 2 ... More

Friendly Match Against Croygas

11.5.19 - This afternoon we welcomed two triples from Croygas to Wimbledon Park for the home leg in the first of two friendly fixtures against the club. Both Wimbledon Park Triples put up a strong showing with Claire, Richard and Sabrina winning 30 - 5 and Christine, Anne and Barry winning 29 - 4. Thanks to all the ... More

Second Ladies Friendly Against Heathfield

25.8.18 - This afternoon the Ladies welcomed Heathfield for the return leg of their Friendly Triples match. Anne, Alison and Ange started well leading 13 - 6 after 9 ends. In the second half they built on that solid start going on to win 32 - 9. Claire, Maggie and Sabrina had a tight tussle early on with the lead changing ... More

Ladies Friendly Triples Match Away at Heathfield

18.8.18 - This afternoon up at Heathfirld the Ladies played the first of a two leg friendly Triples match. ‘Friendly’ was very much the word of the afternoon as the match was played in a wonderful spirit. Sara, Rosalind and Sabrina were never behind in their game although Heathfield did narrow the gap to 12 - 10 after ... More

Annual Ladies v Men for the ‘Memorial Cup’

12.8.18 - This afternoon saw the 2018 club match between the Ladies and the Men, playing for the ‘Memorial Cup.’ In a game where all players had two bowls, the ladies were able to field 8 players and the men 7. Dodging the showers the ladies took advantage of their extra player with Claire, Rosalind, Ange and ... More

Friendly Fixture Against Croygas

Saturday 12th May - In the afternoon we welcomed Croygas for the home leg of our two friendly matches against them. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and the match was curtailed early. Thanks to all our players, Barry, Vernon, Martín, Sabrina, George, Rosalind, Ange, Christine and Pete who were leading ... More

Friendly Match Against Croygas

Aug 26th - This afternoon we welcomed Croygas for the return friendly, after having played them away earlier in the season. With the sun warming up the proceedings, and the jazz band playing next to the green at the Wimbledon Park Foodfest, all was set for the match. Helen, Christine, Vernon and Martin applied pressure ... More