Mid-Week Triples Triumph

29.5.24 - This afternoon Mitcham came over to Wimbledon Park for our second Mid-Week Triples match. First to finish were Bob, Pete and Martin who led 9 - 6 at 9 ends and maintained this lead to win 15 - 12. Sue F, Richard F and Neil were ahead 12 - 4 at 9 ends, going on to win 24 - 9. Match result 8 - 0 (39 shots to 21). More

Mid-Week League v Merton Park

16.5.24 - This afternoon we welcomed Merton Park to the green for the opening fixture in the Mid-Week Triples League. Dez, Pete and Martin had a very competitive encounter and could have won comfortably had it not been for their opposing skip who frequently came in to gain shot when being multiple shots down. Their final ... More

Mid-Week Triples Match v Mitcham

14.9.23 - This afternoon we had our last Mid-Week Triples match of the season. With relegation from Division 1 to Division 2 looking likely for the losing team, there was a lot at stake as the game against Mitcham began. 6 ends in and Rosalind, Richard F and Martin led 10 - 1 and Sue F, Anne and Neil led 8 - 2. After 12 ... More

Mid-Week Triples v Raynes Park

30.8.23 - This afternoon we headed to West Wimbledon BC to play the Mid-Week Triples league leaders Raynes Park. First to finish were Rosalind, Richard F and Martin who got off to a strong start with a 5 on the second end. Unfortunately, the Raynes Park trio settled well and, although the feeling was that the score ... More

Mid-Week Triples v Merton

17.8.23 - This afternoon we had our next Mid-Week Triples fixture at home to Merton. Two close matches took place with Bob, Richard F and Martin just heading their opponents until the 15th end where Merton caught the edge of a short bowl to flick the Jack for a count of 5. Despite WPBC winning two of the last three ends, ... More

Mid-Week Triples Away at Merton Park

3.8.23 - This afternoon we had our return Mid-Week Triples fixture away at Merton Park. First to finish were Anne, Rosalind and Neil who managed to keep the score fairly tight until the last few ends when Merton Park pulled away to win by 8 shots. Sue F, Richard F and Martin had an even tighter game holding on to win by a ... More

Mid-Week Triples League v Merton Park

26.7.23 - This afternoon we welcomed Merton Park to the green for our latest Mid-Week Triples match. Mark, Richard F and Martin got off to a great start leading 19 - 3 after 10 ends, before a late recovery from Merton Park saw them close the gap to 22 - 14. Anne, Rosalind and Neil had a much closer start and were 6 - 7 at ... More

Mid-Week Triples Away at Merton

4.7.23 - This afternoon we were away at Merton for our latest Mid-Week Triples match. Rosalind, Bob and Richard S started well and led 5 - 1 after 5 ends. Their opponents went on to win 9 of the remaining 13 ends to win 20 - 9. Dez, Richard F and Neil found the going tough and ended up going down 11 - 30. Match result 0 - ... More

A Close Game in the Surrey Ladies’ Triples

7.6.23 - This evening, Anne, Sallie and Claire T played their Triples against Purley Bury. Going behind early on, WPBC fought back and were only two shots behind, playing the last end. Unfortunately, their opponents picked up a single on the last end to win 18 - 15. More

Mid-Week Triples League

25.5.23 - This afternoon we travelled to Mitcham for the opening round of the Mid-Week Triples League. Playing last year’s league champions, the scores were all square on both rinks after 16 ends. Mitcham then picked up a 5 and a 4 to beat Sue F, Barry and Martin 21 - 12. In the other triple, Anne, Richard F and Neil ... More