2023 Club Handicap Pairs Final

11.5.24 - This morning we held the postponed final of the 2023 Club Handicap Pairs final between William/Rosalind and Caroline/Richard S. After a lot of  high quality bowling, it was Caroline/Richard S who emerged as champions with a 28 - 14 win; congratulations to all of the finalists. More

Season Opening Round-Robin Competition

21.4.24 - This afternoon twelve hardy souls took to the green for the first Round-Robin of the season. Jay, Martin, William, Sallie, Bob and Jatin were in the Red Group, whilst Mark, Claire W-A, Claire T, Sue F, Caroline and Matt were in the Blue Group. At the end of each player’s four, six-end games the two group ... More

End-of-Season, One-Day, Round-Robin Competition

24.9.23 - This afternoon 22 players, split into two groups, took part in the last competition of the season. 3 points were awarded for a win,  2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. At the end of the group stages, in which each player played four 6-end games of two-wood singles, the Red Group was won by Barry with 12 points, ... More

The Tuesday League Draws to a Close

19.9.23 - This afternoon the Tuesday League saw 8 people take to the green for the final session of the year. Incredibly there have been over 20 club members who have taken part in the league at some stage during the season. With all the points added up the top three finishers were Sue F (514 points), Johnny (647 points) ... More

Club-night Aggregate Shield Reaches Its Conclusion

16.9.23 - Following Wednesday evening’s Semi-final which saw Gail and Sabrina edge out Caroline and Neil 9 - 7, today’s final was a head to head between Gail and Sabrina. Congratulations to Sabrina for taking the win and to Gail for finishing the season-long competition as runner-up. More

1/4 – Final of the Club-night Aggregate Shield

6.9.23 - This evening 11 people were down at the green for Club-night. as part of the evening the top 8 points scorers from the season were drawn to play the 1/4 - final of the Aggregate Shield. The drawn teams saw Mark, Dez, Rosalind and Jackie playing Sabrina, Neil, Gail and Caroline. With three ends to play the gap was ... More

The 2023 Memorial Cup

13.8.23 - This afternoon we had the annual match between the Ladies and the Men, playing for The Memorial Cup. Short 6 end matches were played, firstly as 3 rinks, then 4 triples and ending with 6 pairs. Before each game the teams were drawn and then the games were played with 1 point for a win and 1/2 for a draw. At ... More

Club 2-Woods Competition

16.7.23 - This afternoon the Club 2-Woods Competition took place with 14 people taking part. At the end of the group stages Richard F, Claire T and Neil advanced to the semi-finals as winners of their groups, with Martin joining them as the strongest runner-up. In the semi-finals Neil beat Richard F 6 - 1 whilst Claire T ... More

Club Handicap Pairs Competition

18.6.23 - This afternoon, despite severe weather warnings, 14 bowlers took to the green, to compete in the Club Handicap Pairs. After the group stages had been completed, Richard S & Caroline beat Claire T & Claire W 8-5 in semi-Final 1 and Rosalind & William beat Richard F & Mark 11-5 in Semi-Final 2. ... More

Ladies’ 2 Woods Competition

11.6.23 - This afternoon, with not a cloud in the sky, Alison, Claire T, Claire W, Gail, Mary and Sue R took to the green, to contest the Qualifying Round of the Ladies’ 2 Wood Competition, with everybody playing their five opponents over 6 ends. After two prolonged rain breaks, and with one round of matches left, three ... More