Wimbledon and District Finals – Day 2

10.9.23 - Today was the second day of the District Finals. In the second session, Anne, Claire T, Martin and Neil played Wandilea in the Mixed Fours. After close exchanges WPBC led 11 - 6, before picking up a count of 6. Wandilea came straight back with their own count of 6. The last few ends saw some great bowls but it ... More

Wimbledon and District Finals – Day 1

9.9.23 - Today over at Belmont we had the first day of the Wimbledon and District Finals, overseen by President Barry. In the morning session, Pete, Matt, Martin and Neil led from the first end to win the Men’s Fours 18 - 10. In an even hotter second session Neil got off to a flier in the Champion of Champions to ... More

A Second Wimbledon and District Title

17.9.22 Today, up at Heathfield, Sabrina (sub for Anne), Claire T, Martin and Neil played Wandilea in the Final of the Wimbledon and District Mixed Fours. A close game ensued, with both teams winning 9 of the 18 ends. WPBC started the strongest, leading 11 - 4 after 8 ends. Two ends later and the lead was down to one at 11 ... More

District Finals – Day 1

10.9.22 - This afternoon in Session 2, Martin took on Belmont in the final of the District Champion of Champions competition. In a high quality match, both bowlers drew well, but it was Belmont who emerged as the 2022 winner with a 21 - 12 victory. In Session 3, Sara, Barry and Neil took on Wandilea in the Mixed Triples ... More

12.9.21 Day 2 of the District Finals

Today’s opening session saw Claire, Anne, Martin and Neil play Wandilea in the Mixed Fours. Unfortunately for WPBC, Wandilea started the stronger leading after 6 ends by 10 - 2 and after 15 ends by 20 - 7. The final 6 ends however saw a change in fortunes with Wimbledon Park winning each end to tie the game at 20 - 20. ... More

11.9.21 Day 1 of the District Finals

In the opening session Anne and Neil played Heathfield in the Over-55 Mixed Pairs. Early exchanges saw Heathfield open up a 5 - 0 lead, before WPBC rallied to lead 8 - 6 after 6 ends. A big bowl from Heathfield on end 8, saw the skip take out Wimbledon Park's shot bowl for a score of 5. Once the gap had opened, Heathfield ... More

Not to be in the District Mixed Finals

10.9.19 - This evening over at Streatham Park the delayed final of the Wimbledon and District Mixed Singles took place between Neil and Heathfield. As the game progressed it turned into quite a one-sided event with Heathfield drawing particularly well and regularly converting ends with the last bowl. A lovely game to play ... More

What a Great Day at the Wimbledon and District Finals

8.9.19 - Over at Streatham Park today we had finalists in an amazing 6 Wimbledon and District Finals. In the first session, after 9 ends, Barry and Neil led Raynes Park 17 - 3 in the Men's Pairs, before dropping a count of 5. Continuing to draw well, hands were shaken after 18 ends giving WPBC a 23 - 13 win. Also in the ... More

Rain Stopped Play

23.9.18 - In truth rain didn’t even allow play to start! This morning should have seen us take on Belmont in the Final of the Wimbledon  and District Top 10 competition, but with the rain having been falling for hours the green at Heathfield was turning into a lake with pools of standing water growing by the minute. ... More

Wimbledon and District Finals

9.9.18 - Sunday saw the Wimbledon and District Finals take place over at Wandilea BC. For the first time that I can recall we had finalists in 5 District Finals, an incredible achievement given that there are 13 competitions. In the first session Barry and Neil played Heathfield in the Men's Pairs. In a close encounter ... More