Club Finals – Day 1

31.8.19 – August concluded with the first day of the Club Finals Weekend and what a day it was!

The day commenced with Session 1 which featured the Ladies’ Handicap, the Club Handicap and the round-robin group stages of the Robert Faulds Competition.

The Ladies’ Handicap was won by Sabrina who beat Mary 21 – 5 whilst in the Men’s Handicap Pete picked up a count of three on the 25th end to squeeze past Richard 21 – 20.

Session 2 saw Claire beat Ange 60 – 30 in the Ladies’ 3 – 2 – 1, whilst another tight game saw Barry require an extra end to beat Martin in the Open Singles after the three sets concluded with Barry having won the first set 7 – 3, the second being tied 4 – 4 and Martin having won the third set 7 – 4. In the 3 Wood Yardstick honours again went to Pete as he beat Richard 40 points to 34.

At the conclusion of the Robert Faulds group stages, Richard had won Group A ahead of Claire, Anne and Ange. In Group B, Rosalind was the winner ahead of Mary, Alison and Christine. The final will be played tomorrow.

Session 3 featured the Handicap Pairs between Claire/George and Anne/Pete. Despite the weather doing its best to disrupt the proceedings as the rain swept across the green, it did little to put off Claire and George who emerged victorious by 24 shots to 16.

Congratulations to all the players who qualified for the finals. Thank you to Luke and Ossie for over-seeing the Robert Faulds Competition, to George and Martin for their help in marking, to everyone who supported today’s finals, contributed food for lunch, to Ange for her cake, to everyone who helped set up the green and to those who contributed to Alzheimer’s Research, this year’s club charity.

Day 2 begins tomorrow at 11.00, hope to see you then.

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