Club Finals – Day 2

3.9.23 – Today we had the Semi-Finals of the Robert Faulds competition and the remaining eight club finals. The two Semi-finals were very close games with Alison edging out Mark 10 – 8 and Anne squeezing past Mary 9 – 8. In the Club 2 Woods Neil just beat Claire T 16 – 11, whilst in the Open Singles Martin beat Sabrina 8 – 5, 7 – 6. In the second session Anne beat Alison 21 – 9 to win the Robert Faulds. On what turned out to be quite a tricky rink Neil beat Richard F 21 – 4 to win the Men’s Championship and in the tightest of games Sabrina picked up a three on the last end of the Ladies Championship to beat Claire T 21 – 20. The final session saw Claire T beat beat Rosalind 3 – 5, 8 – 6, 9 – 4 to win the Joan White sets competition. In the Yardstick,  Martin beat Bobby 28 – 19 and in the Club Handicap another tight game saw Neil come from behind to beat Sabrina 21 – 20.

A huge thank you to Richard F for putting the weekend together, to all our winners and runners-up, to those who set up and cleared up the green, to our umpires and markers, to all those who came to support the players, to those who helped to provide such lovely lunches and to those who cleared away and did the washing-up. A weekend that we can be truly proud of!

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