Club Finals – First Day Update

Despite the weather being overcast and somewhat chilly there was a warm atmosphere on the green today as day 1 of the club finals took place. The first session saw Cherry beat Sabrina 18 – 7 in the Ladies’ Two Woods, Gay beat Betty 21 – 5 in the Ladies’ Handicap and Neil beat Luke 21 – 15 in the Club Handicap. After the second session, Vernon had beaten Barry 17- 10 in the Club Two Woods and Pete had beaten Neil 41 – 37 in the Three Wood Yardstick. At the end of the round robin Junior Championship Anne B will line up against Derek in tomorrow’s final, both of them having topped their respective groups. The final session saw Gay beat Anne B 60 – 42 in the Ladies’ 3 – 2 – 1.

A huge thank you to everyone who played so well today, to Ann H, Barry, Betty, Luke, Maggie, Pete and Vernon for marking and to Jonathan and Martin for both umpiring and marking. A great day with half the club in attendance, see you tomorrow at 11am for day two!

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